Interlocking work

with track renewals


Aarsleff Rail carries out a wide variety of interlocking and heavy current jobs during track renewals where our broad knowledge of rail infrastructure is useful. Our teams have interlocking as well as heavy current skills for an optimum and complete solution of the jobs.


One of our most important jobs is working with Interlocking systems and their components. Typically, the work includes:


  • pulling and installation  of wires in technical buildings
  • pulling and installation of cables for signals and points
  • installation of  point machines
  • establishment of track circuits and axle counters
  • mounting of remote control
  • documentation, testing and commissioning.



For track renewal work, we establish balises and line side signals, and we handle the documentation, testing and commissioning. Also, we carry out rebuilding of local operation board if tracks are to be established, cancelled or changed.


Cable searching, cable inspection and possible error correction of damaged cables are also significant interlocking assignments during a track renewal. The safety of the interlocking system is supplemented by ATC/ATP systems and HKT systems.

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