Railway safety


Aarsleff Rail provides all types of railway safety services for work on or near railway lines and stations in service in Denmark, including:

  • Planning of work under the relevant railway safety regulations
  • Preparation of railway safety plans and instructions
  • Booking of track possessions
  • Booking of traction power interruptions
  • Applications for dispensations

In addition, we provide personnel certified to handle railway safety procedures during work on or near railway infrastructure, including:

  • SR-supervisors (SR1 og SR2)
  • possession managers for sections with ETCS-signalling on the suburban S-bane (ORS) as well as on the long-distance lines (ORF)
  • OR-possession managers for light rail work
  • Traction power (catenary) technicians
  • Signalling technicians
  • Drivers for road/rail excavators
  • Locomotive drivers for rail vehicles (including our own instructors).

We have the following certificates:

EU Safety certificate. The certificate allows us permission to conduct traffic with our own motive power outside track possessions in connection with infrastructure works. With the certificate we are allowed to conduct trafic on long-distance lines equipped with ECTS-signalling.


DS21001 certificate ( management standard for railway safety – infrastructure works) issued by Bureau Veritas. The DS21001 certificate allows us to deliver services with a railway safety content and enables us to meet the requirements of our customers for a safe and competent management of railway safety. 

UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640