Rebuilding Viborg Station

A combination of works


In 2016 Aarsleff Rail conducted a large rebuild of Viborg Station. The rebuild included track as well as extensive construction works. Viborg is centrally located on the regional railway line Aarhus-Langå-Struer.

Dismantling of platform bridge and setting of sheet pile walls

The rebuilding of Viborg Station took off in January 2016 with the first preliminary track works and the dismantling of the platform bridge over the tracks. The work was done during night time to keep the station open for traffic.

During spring and summer we continued working on the tracks and constructed foundations for the new platform bridge. Simultaneously we constructed two sheet pile walls along the station, including a large sheet pile wall beside the Viborg Regional Hospital. The sheet pile walls support the new track layout on the station and allow new roads to be build next to the tracks. The track works in this stage included moving the station’s track into a new curve to make room available for building the new main entrance road for the Viborg Regional Hospital.

Island-platform and tunnels

As summer progressed we continued with the civil works and constructed a new pedestrian access under the station in a tunnel as well as building a 200 m long island platform between track 1 and 2. The pedestrian path under the station connects central Viborg with a newly developed residential area and the Regional Hospital. In conclusion we installed the new platform bridge. The contract included rebuilding the interlocking signal system, high voltage cabling and sewage works with Ø1200 pipes. 



  • Rebuilding of 1.400 m track and reinstalling one point
  • 2 passenger tunnels from precast concrete elements
  • New steel pedestrian platform bridge with in situ cast foundations
  • 30.000 m3 earth, part of it contaminated with cyanide
  • 1500 m2 sheet pile walls
  • 100 ground anchors
  • 200 m new island platform
  • Rebuilding of signal system.



City of Viborg



Aarsleff Rail A/S



Per Aarsleff A/S

Østergaard A/S

Ålsrode Smede & Maskin




Type of contract

Main contract



Rambøll A/S


Construction period

January - September 2016


UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640