Central Copenhagen

Track renewal


During 2017 Aarsleff Rail carried out track renewal on a double tracked section of the suburban system between Valby and Svanemøllen. The section is the most heavily used part of the suburban network ‘S-banen’ in and around Copenhagen. Work on both the main line tracks and sidings were included in the contract, which also included track work in a tunnel.


With the completion of the track renewal the commuter trains on the 10 km section can operate without speed limitations and the track will require very little maintenance in the coming years.


First phase of works in the Boulevard-tunnel

The contract was barely a week old when work began on phase 1 of the project, replacing worn out rails in the tunnel under Copenhagen. After a week the work was completed: rails on the 4 km of track were replaced and the track adjusted and tamped.


Replacement of 19 points and construction of 4 new ones

The project’s next phases included even more track work, replacing of points, ballast cleaning, replacing subballast and adding new drainage. Most of this work was carried out in track possessions with traffic rerouted into the neighbouring track. Before the track was released for traffic we adjusted 15 kilometer catenary system and interlocking.


Careful planning required

Complex logistics characterised the project with dispersed storage and depot sites. One of the storage sites was located 20 km west of Copenhagen, requiring careful planning to enable the necessary materials to arrive via our work trains in time­­ on the spot where they were needed.


As expected when working in the middle of a city, many cables, sewers and water pipes cluttered the immediate underground below the tracks. It provided a constant challenge when we excavated to install drainage and new subballast. Maintaining good communication with our client and cable owners proved essential to finish the job and minimise disturbances.



  • Replacing 10 km of rail
  • 4 km of new subgrade
  • 5 km of ballast cleaning
  • Replacing 19 point and adding 4 new
  • Adjusting 15 km of catenary
  • Dismantling and re-installation of
    interlocking components
  • 14.000 t of ballast
  • 6000 sleepers






Aarsleff-Spitzke I/S


Type of contract

Main contract



Rambøll Danmark A/S


Construction period

Marts 2017 – November 2017 

UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640