New contract 

in Norway

Aarsleff Rail has signed a contract with Bane NOR for track work on the more than 700 km long Nordlandsbanen. Aarsleff Rail carry out the contract in collaboration with Banedrift AS, a member of the Aarsleff Rail Group. The work is carried out during the summer periods of 2020 and 2021.


North of the Arctic Circle

The contract includes the replacement of 20 points and 52 tongue/stock rail segments in other points on 20 stations located on the northernmost section of the Nordlandsbanen from Grong to Bodø. Part of Aarsleff Rail's work will thus be carried out north of the Arctic Circle. In addition to track works, the contract also includes earthwork, cabling and welding works.


Organization and machines for Norway

To carry out the contract, a part of our organization is temporarily deployed to Norway, and a number of machines are also moved to the Nordlandsbanen for a period. Some of our employees already have experience from working on the Nordlandsbanen, where they have carried out cable routing routes along the railway line in collaboration with colleagues from Banedrift.


Cooperation in the Aarsleff Rail Group

With the special conditions prevailing on the Nordlandsbanen, our cooperation with Banedrift in the Aarsleff Rail Group, which also includes Swedish Anker AB, is of great importance. In addition to contributing to comply to the national rules for work on railway systems, our Scandinavian cooperation includes knowledge sharing, skills development and synergy in the Aarsleff Rail Group's business and product development. We offer a unique blend of solutions across the Scandinavian countries.

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