Our goal for

the working environment


Aarsleff Rail is working to:

  • avoid accidents and improve the working environment through preventive action and safe conduct
  • prevent the attrition of our employees, physically as well as mentally
  • increase the sense of responsibility of every employee for their own and their colleagues' health and safety
  • maintain good collaboration with the Danish Working Environment Authority and other authorities.


Our policy

It is the policy of Aarsleff Rail to create a safe and healthy working environment that complies with legislation, where well-being on the work place has a high priority, physical and mental attrition is prevented, and the number of accidents on the work place is reduced.


We comply with laws and agreements. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and mutual agreements are fundamental preconditions for how we work. We inform, train and educate our employees to the extent required, to live up to the company’s occupational health and safety policy.


We want a good working environment. We ensure that equipment and materials which are employed at work sites comply with existing occupational health and safety rules. We instruct all employees in correct working methods and the safety measures which apply to the work of the individual employee, to reduce the occupational health and safety impacts related to the working environment.


We want continuous improvement, so we register and analyse near misses, to learn from them and avoid future accidents.

To optimise conditions for our employees, we have defined and implemented policies about the following: Smoking, alcohol and drugs, bullying, and for retired, former employees.


We all have a responsibility for health and safety. We demand from all employees that compliance with the occupational health and safety policy is an integrated part of all activities at all levels of the company.

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