Working on the railroad requires specialized equipment. Whether it is the establishment of a catenary system, sleeper replacement or track adjustment, Aarsleff Rail is able to carry out the task with our own equipment.


Our equipment contains large and small motor trolleys, custom-designed catenary equipment, tamping machine, ballast and flat wagons and a fleet of two-way excavators. In addition, we have a 45t rail crane and special equipment for lifting and transporting points and track panels up to 120 m in length. Our two-way excavators can be equipped with a wide range of special implements for track and catenary work.


All our equipment is operated by certified drivers with the relevant courses. The equipment is maintained by our own well-qualified mechanics and workshops specialised in maintenance of railway and construction equipment.


Until our application for a safety certificate has been finalized in the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency, we have a dispensation from Banedanmark for utilising our own traction outside track possessions.


Track alignment vehicle (tamping machine) Plassermatic 08-275ZW 
70 t vehicle Plasser & Theurer HOBW 120-4A
80 t catenaryline vehicle Plasser & Theurer MTW 100
36 t vehicle Robel 54.22
40 t vehicle Plasser & Theurer OBW 10.103-4
10 t vehicle Jølemo 
Shunting tractor O&K, Frichs Köff
crane Gottwald GS40.08t
Road-Rail excavators Liebherr A900ZW w. 3D machine control
  Liebherr A900 FD w. 3D machine control
  Liebherr A924 FW w. 3D machine control
  UNAC22TRR w. 3D machine control
  Takeuchi 1140
  Takeuchi 290
Railway construction vehicle Huddig 1260 med 20m w. lift
Rail-going suction excavator 20 t, MTS
Rail lift - PantoInspect VCP Geismar
Catenary lift Plasser & Theurer A100
Catenary lift Plasser & Theurer A10
Dump trucks Hydrema 912
Dozer Komatsu D37P w. 3D machine control
Ballast regulator Matisa R7D
Catenary renewal vehical 80 t, Plasser & Theurer Fum 100
Track renewal gantry cranes Svabo and Geismar 
Track geometry measurement trolley Krablight (measure according to BN1-38)
Rail wagons FCCS, KS, Xtg, Slmmps, Chrois
Rail-bound pile driver Per Aarsleff-Type
  CAT PV 335
  Kobelco PV15
Specialist equipment, rail-bound Movax side grib vibrator
  Ice 625 vibrator
  Ice drilling equipment
  Suction attachment
  Tamping attachment
  Ballast broom (Windhoff/Matisa)
  Sleeper changing unit
  Sleeper lifting beam (10 sleepers)
  Sleeper lifting beam (5 sleepers)
  Rail cutter
  Quad saw (Spearhead)
  Flail cutter
  Cable roll-out equipment for cables
UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640