Østerport Station was opened in 1897. Today more than 30.000 passengers use the station every day and from 2019 they will have the added benefit of a direct connection to the Copenhagen metro. When finished Østerport Station will make a beautiful impression and be ready for the increasing use expected when the metro’s circle line opens.


Modernising a working station

The work is carried out with the station in service. The station building is rebuilt and partly brought back to the original design as built in 1897. Floors, facades and roofs are all carefully restored. All electrical installations, plumbing and ventilation systems are completely rebuilt. 2 elevators connecting the station building and platforms are renewed.


The project has been a very comprehensive operation. The interior of the building was separated into five compartments with plastic sheeting and noise reduction panels. This enabled one team to break up old floors in one area, while other teams worked simultaneously on steel reinforcement and concrete casting in other parts of the building, shielded by the partitions. The solution provided an effective workflow and a better working environment. Segments of the building was temporarily removed, restored with new compatible materials and remounted into the historic building with special care.


Extensive rebuilding of the station’s concrete structures

The rebuilding and strengthening of the station’s foundations and concrete floors took place at night and was carried out from a work train which was run into the closed track at night and out again before the train operation was resumed in the morning. This process required extensive logistics and thorough planning.


Aarsleff Rail’s third station refurbishment in Copenhagen

The project draws on Aarsleff Rail’s experience from other large refurbishments of railway stations in Copenhagen; Copenhagen Central Station and Nørreport Station. Those projects have provided special skills to carry out large projects in the centre of a large city with the added challenges of passengers and train very close to the work sites. Combined with many years of railway experience we are comfortable with every challenge a project like Østerport Station provides.



The project was carried through by Aarsleff Rail A/S using our own resources for concrete construction, work on track and platforms, railway safety, signalling and sewer work. Wicotec–Kirkebjerg, like Aarsleff Rail a part of the Aarsleff Group, was tasked with rebuilding electrical installations, plumbing and ventilation systems, while subcontractors carried out steel, brick and wood working elements on the project.


With the station’s location in central Copenhagen logistics and planning of traffic was a serious challenge. Two other major construction projects were located on each side of Østerport Station, and apart from coordination with the neighbouring projects we also had to limit our emissions of noise and dust due to neighbouring residents and businesses.



  • 1900 m2 slate roof replaced
  • 1100 m2 concrete decking rebuilt
  • 1350 m2 concrete and steel deck floor
  • 220 track possessions






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