Signals and cables

more than 40 km


As part of a comprehensive track renewal on the double tracked section of the suburban system between Valby to Frederikssund, Aarsleff Rail A / S has rebuilt and handled the line's signalling system to allow the track works to proceed without harming the complex system. The work required co-ordination with other projects on the line, where, in addition to track work, catenary and work on bridges were carried out by several contractors.


Cable relaying and protection of signalling systems

Part of the contract consisted of the removal and relocation of cables in 32 km of cable troughs along the track. In connection with the track renewal the cables had to be moved to enable work to be carried out on track and subgrade. 56 km of cable for the HKT train control system was dismantled and so was all other signalling components. Once the track work was finished, all signalling and HKT equipment was reinstalled.

The cable removal was performed mechanically with a specially designed cable reel developed in our own workshops. Mounted on a two-way excavator the cable reel ensured safe and speedy handling of the cables as they are moved from the cable trough.


Rebuilding signalling and point heating systems

As part of the E1 contract Aarsleff Rail also rebuilt the signalling systems for Valby, Herlev and Ballerup stations. The work included rebuilding point control and HKT coding including speed characteristics.

On all points we converted the point heating system to the Banedanmark System 2000.  This included installation of point heating elements, transformers, junction boxes as well as installation of cables for power and control.


48 hours commissioning period

After the extensive work, we completed a 48-hour period with release to service-procedures prior to releasing the line to operation. The work included testing of 151 track isolations and HKT sections.


High capacity for signalling works

The signalling systems are vital for the safe operation of trains and parallel to the E1 contract on the Frederikssund line, Aarsleff Rail performed a similar contract in Jutland in connection with the track renewal on the Langå-Hobro line.



  • 32 km of cable relaying in advance of the track renewal
  • 200 cable splicings
  • 18 km cable removal and handling
  • 56 km HKT cable
  • 230 junction boxes
  • 11 point machines





Aarsleff Rail A/S




Type of contract

Main contract



Atkins Danmark A/S

Construction period

March 2018 - August 2018

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