Aarhus Letbane is running a 117 km long track system made up from two older, heavily rebuilt railway lines to the towns of Odder and Grenå and a completely new light rail line in the central part of Aarhus. The first line was opened 23 September 2017.  The maintenance contract includes maintenance of track, signalling system, power supply, catenary system, bridges and constructions, drainage, station equipment and winter preparations.

The contract was signed in August 2016 and work commenced immediately – even before Aarhus Letbane began traffic. Even if the light rail system is not in service a certain minimum of maintenance was necessary.


Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance includes a long list of norm-based checks which secures a safe and economic operation under specific quality parameters. In addition, the maintenance reporting feed the Aarhus Letbane with continuously updated information about the lines’ condition. The contract focuses on creating value for the passengers directly or indirectly.


The norm-based maintenance is carried out e.g. as manual line checks, control and lubricating of points, regular measuring of relative track position, ultra sound, rail wear, catenary wire positioning and wear, road crossing checks as well as cleaning and checking signalling systems and point heating.


The contract also covers condition-based maintenance covering replacement of faulty components or corrective action once the daily maintenance is no longer sufficient to keep a component fit for service. Some of the most significant condition-based maintenance works are expected to be alignment of track and points, rail grinding, replacement of rails and sleepers, point machines and catenary components.   


Service response

In the contract Aarsleff Rail is also tasked with maintaining service response teams and correcting faults. Should a malfunctioning component delay or stop traffic Aarsleff Rail’s service response team is called out by the Aarhus Letbane’s control centre. The service response covers the light rail system’s total operating period of 20 hours each day.  Included in the service response team are resources with track, signalling and catenary expertise.


Close cooperation

With Aarhus Letbane in service the client is a small organisation supported by a range of specialized companies contributing with their expertise.


The close cooperation between all involved parties is an extremely important factor. Together with the partners

Aarhus Letbane, Stadler and Keolis, Aarsleff Rail participated in cooperation seminars where the foundation for a well-functioning light rail system was laid. Our common goal is that the daily user of the light rail system is not seeing 4 different companies each solving their isolated task, but rather that all employees are seen as representatives of Aarhus Letbane.



  • Maintenance and checking of 117 km track (14 km slab-track and 103 km ballasted track).
  • 88 points
  • 117 km catenary system
  • 45 level crossings
  • Alignment of 103 km of track and 88 points as needed


Aarhus Letbane 



Aarsleff Rail A/S


Type of contract

Framework agreement


Construction period

August 2016 - June 2022

UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640