relocating station 

Temporary station


Aarsleff Rail A/S has constructed a temporary terminus for Metroselskabet I/S on one of the sections of the suburban network ‘S-banen’ in greater Copenhagen. The temporary station is necessary to enable a new underground metro station to be built under the original Ny Ellebjerg station. Once the new metro line is opened in 2024 Ny Ellebjerg will become an important traffic hub with connection to metro, commuter, regional as well as international trains. 

Station in use during the relocation

Relocating a heavily used station is a challenging task. The temporary station is located next to the original station and we have planned work to reduce any disturbance to traffic on the railway lines in the area. Passengers have been able to use the station during the majority of the construction phase. Railway safety and traction power interruptions have been managed by Aarsleff Rail’s own railway safety organisation. 


Large scale relocation

Work on the temporary station included foundations for elevators, stairways and walkways, construction of island platform, mounting elevators, prefabricated walkway in several segments and stairways. Finishing work included paving the platform, installing platform equipment and lighting.

We lifted the original station’s track in a track possession. Most of the lifted track was reused in the temporary station’s track layout. In advance of the track construction we had established a new subgrade and carried out preparatory catenary work. The reused track was positioned with our SUM-equipment that is an effective tool for moving track segments up 120 m in length.

In advance of the track removal we removed all signalling components e.g. signals, HKT-cables and junction boxes. All components were reattached in their new positions and the signalling system tested before being released for traffic.


Coordination and commissioning

Our RB2-project shared access and site area with other contractors’ projects and we were obliged to take precautions to reduce noise and dust due to working in a residential area. Both factors needed coordinating with milestones and construction methods. To help the client’s smooth transfer of the finished project to Banedanmark we documented all processes as we constructed the new station to build up the necessary quality assurance and CSM-documents. We used our extensive experience with commissioning railway projects for Banedanmark and DSB to deliver a trouble-free transfer.



  • Establishing of 55 m walkway and 3 elevators
  • Moving 6000 t of earth
  • 1000 cubic metres of subballast and 1000 t of ballast
  • 45 m new island platform incl. paving and equipment
  • 770 m track
  • Relocating 4 points and point machines
  • 1400 m new catenary system
  • 24 new catenary mast foundations
  • Relocating signalling cabin
  • Relocating 1500 m HKT-cable
  • Relocating 5 signals, 17 junction boxes and 5 cabinets



Metroselskabet I/S



Aarsleff Rail A/S



Bladt Industries A/S

MR Motech ApS


Type of contract

Main contract





Construction period

January 2018-February 2019


UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640