Stabilization of railway embankment

South Zealand


On the section between Ringsted and the upcoming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, Aarsleff Rail A/S has carried out extensive stabilisation of railway embankments at three locations Ring, Remkolde and Vordingborg.  


Stabilising pile slabs

With trains travelling at speeds up to 200 km/t on the railway for the upcoming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link a stable structure is needed to prevent the tracks from settling. At Ring and Remkolde Aarsleff Rail has established two stabilising pile slab constructions of 80 and 1.160 m length respectively. The project was a One Company collaboration between Aarsleff Rail and Aarsleff Group’s experts in Ground Engineering and Construction.


Pile driving around the clock

595 driven piles, some of them installed in depths of 36 metres, with dimensions of 35x35 centimetres form the foundation of the stabilisation. By means of well-planned logistics, working 24-hours 7 days a week and focus on cooperation, we managed to work ahead of schedule. Three tower cranes supplied the three piling rigs with piles, with one extra piling rig standing by in Ring, supplying backup and assuring that breakdowns would not affect the progress of the project.


Focus on optimization and working environment

In connection with the planning of the concrete deck, which carries the subgrade, we worked with the client to redesign the reinforcement structure. It allowed us to install 80% of the reinforcement elements with crane, provided a less critical schedule and minimized heavy lifts for employees.


At all the three sites, health and safety were given high priority. The construction site in Ring won a first place in the competition for best construction site on the project Ringsted – Femahrn railway. Two of our other sites on the line were in the top 5 between the 34 constructions sites on the.


Replacement of subgrade

At Vordingborg, where soft soil made the embankment unstable, we removed the soft material and replaced it with base gravel. With installation of steel sheet piles, we expanded and secured the embankment to be able to handle faster and heavier train in the future. The work in Vordingborg also included the fitting of fences on top of the sheet piling construction.



  • 595 driven piles, dim. 35x35 cm
  • Ramming until 36 m depth
  • 3000 m3 concrete and 900 t reinforcement in precast concrete
  • Replacement of 250 m subgrade and soft soil
  • 160 m sheet piling





Type of contract

Main contract



Aarsleff Rail A/S

together with Aarsleff



Atkins Danmark A/S


Construction period

March 2019 - June 2019



UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640