brake inspection


With decades of experience in building railways, Aarsleff Rail has developed a robust system for automatic inspection of train brakes, matching the real-life conditions in the rail.


The unique Automatic Brake Inspection system combines advanced sensors with modern digital technology and automatically collects images of the brake pads and information on the wear of brake pads of passing trains.


The ABI system can replace manual control and more time-consuming inspection. It provides the train operator with very accurate and reliable monitoring of the brake pads on passing trains. This saves time and money, while increasing quality and operation time.


Our train vision systems can be tailored to provide images of the undercarriage, collect and process data on brakes or other objects. At Aarsleff Rail we are happy to contribute to innovation, design and implementation of inspection systems according to each customer's specific needs.


Current brake inspection systems are self-monitoring and require a minimum of service.


Learn how the national train operator in Denmark, DSB, optimized train maintenance with our automatic inspection system.


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Stinne Damsbo Sander+45 29 42 02 75



UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
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