Aarsleff Rail has extensive experience with building new bridges and renovating old bridges near railway lines. We have handled projects ranging from large complex tasks involving advanced concrete and steel bridges, over bridge launching tasks and heavy lifts to smaller pedestrian bridges and walkways. We have solved tasks for Aarhus Light Rail, Banedanmark, DSB, The Danish Road Directorate, the Copenhagen Metro Company and a large number of municipalities across the country.


We perform, among other things:

  • concrete bridges
  • concrete tunnels
  • prefab bridges
  • steel bridges
  • pedestrian bridges and walkways
  • bridge launches and heavy lifts.


Our extensive experience in rail logistics and track possessions planning means that we have performed a large part of Banedanmark's bridge renovations - often in collaboration with other specialist professionals. In addition, we renovate bridges for municipalities around the country that own either track or road carrying bridges. Our construction section is under continuous development and expansion.


We perform, among other things:

  • retaining wall reinforcements
  • increase of edging beams, both insitu and prefab
  • replacement of railings
  • membrane work on concrete structures
  • concrete repairs
  • shotcrete work
  • injection work.



UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640