and drainage


The frequency of how often track needs maintenance is greatly influenced by the quality of its foundation. A solid and well-drained substructure for the track is therefore of great importance.


Aarsleff Rail has extensive experience in establishing new subgrade and replacing soggy ground under track systems. When performing subgrade work we often carry out drainage work as well. Regardless of whether the track is to be renewed or retained, we perform our work in a way to ensure that existing track and structures are not damaged in the process. Our visual control can be expanded with absolute and relative track measurements in consultation with our customer.


We carry out all kinds of drainage, including:

  • establishing of drainage in connection with the construction of new subgrade
  • construction and maintenance of drainage in connection with ditches
  • drains by stone or pipes
  • adjustment of shoulders
  • sewer pipes
  • repair of pipe damage by no-dig methods.

We carry out the work with continuous quality checks, as subgrade and drainage are difficult to access later in a project’s phase or due to resumed traffic. We use:

  • documentation of materials
  • measurement of layers
  • compression measurements
  • TV inspection of drainage.

In many projects the excavation work is often a critical point in the time schedule. Consequently we focus on optimizing access routes, work directions and location of intermediate depots to provide our customer with additional certainty for a robust time schedule.


Working with subgrade and drainage can be critical when working close to track in operation. We have the competence and experience of working close to track with traffic and live catenary systems complying with relevant legislation and our own procedures. When required we erect fences. All our machines work with pre-set yaw and height limitations to avoid compromising safe distances to catenary and track in operation.

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