track possession

Railway safety


Aarsleff Rail is approved to provide all types of railway safety services when working on and near tracks and stations in traffic in Denmark:


  • planning of execution within the current Danish railway safety regulations
  • preparation of railway safety plans and instructions
  • ordering of track possessions
  • ordering of traction current interruptions
  • applying for dispensations
  • track possession managers for sections on the S-track with the new signal system.


In addition, we have railway safety staff that is in charge of railway safety during the execution of work. We have employees with Danish regulation competences like SR1- and SR2-supervisors, OR-supervisors for light rail work, supervisors for traction current, signalling technicians, excavator and trolley drivers and loco drivers.


Until our application for a safety certificate has been finalized in the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency, we have a dispensation from Banedanmark for utilising our own traction outside track possessions.

UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640