Aarsleff Rail has extensive experience with installing, repairing and maintaining catenary systems. We have carried out catenary work on a wide range of projects on Danish main lines, suburban lines and light rail systems. Currently we are working on electrifying a large part of the Danish main line rail network.

We are certified to carry out all types of electrical work at Banedanmark's facilities. We are also approved by the Danish Safety Technology Authority. All our electricians and catenary technicians have passed approved programs and courses for work on catenary systems. We have advanced and modern equipment for catenary work contributing to good quality and profitability for our customers.


We have experience in all aspects of catenary systems:

• planning and construction of new catenary systems, incl. installation of foundations and masts
• extension, rebuilding, maintenance and adjustment of existing power supply installations
• permanent and temporary protection of installations and machinery
• planning and execution of planned power interruptions for maintenance work
• maintenance and day-to-day running of catenary systems on rail systems.


Aarsleff Rail has contracts with the operators on the following catenary systems:

• Banedanmark’s 1650 V power supply (suburban lines Copenhagen)
• Banedanmark’s 25 KV power supply (mail line system)
• Banedanmark’s 1000 V system (Other Plant)
• Banedanmark's 2x25 KV power supply (new main line system)
• Sund & Bælt’s 25 KV power supply
• Aarhus Light Rail’s 750 V power supply

UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640