Weldings in railway tracks are of major importance for safety, passenger comfort and maintenance. A high quality of welds is therefore crucial.


Since 2010, we have had the certification "Production Management Certificate - Quality Requirements for Welding" in accordance with DS / EN ISO 3834-2. It guaranties uniform procedures for each welding and provides security for a high and consistent quality. We have a staff of experienced certified welders who are also qualified for the installation of bonded insulated rail joints and performing stressing in continuously welded rail.


We perform all welding tasks in connection with track work and ensure integration with other track work is done and that the welds maintain the desired quality. Machine welding is performed as flash butt welding while we perform manual welding like:


  • aluminothermal welding (thermite) on track and points
  • mould welding and filler repair welding.
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: +45 3634 4640