track renewal


Aarsleff Rail has performed manual track renewal on railways throughout Denmark and we undertake both small and large projects. We handle track renewals on railway lines with traffic in neighbouring tracks or in track possessions single track lines.

Our engineers and track workers have trackbars on the backbone and well-equipped with new machines, manual track work is one of our core competencies. We carry out manual track building without subcontractors. Combined with a solid quality assurance system, that contributes to our work achieving the high quality demanded by our customers.

Manual track construction is a flexible method when shorter stretches of track are to be renewed, where work can be done from the side of the track or when space restrictions do not allow the use of large track building trains. We often perform manual track work in conjunction with mechanical track work, where it is not possible to use an advanced track building train.


See our list of flexible machines here.

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